The Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game review

The Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game review

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Just a few days after the premiere and release of the new movie Power Rangers, the official mobile game of the movie was launched on iOS. Since the new game features different incarnations of the power rangers team and their enemies, the game has been said to be a kind of official tie-in mobile game when it comes to the entire power Rangers franchise.

  • Unlocking of your rangers and villains

In the mobile game, the space witch known as Rita Repulsa has gone ahead and corrupted the Morphine Grid and even gone further to create her own army of different ranger clones and virtual monsters. It will be up to you the player to retaliate by creating and assembling your own team of super-villains and power rangers.

The Power Rangers Legacy Wars CheatsĀ lets you unlock your villains and rangers even those who are in the new film as well as those who are in the Power Rangers films and media. The game also features the power Rangers movie Mighty Morphin.

  • Upgrading your warriors


Ones you are able to assemble your team of power Rangers and villains, you will get to fight other different teams of real time players in an environment involving head to head battles. The locations of these environments are inspired by the movie itself as well as the TV shows. When you want to strategically attack your components, all you need to do is to swap. You should, however, keep in mind that when doing this, there are special moves that are unique to each of the characters in the game.

As you go ahead and when battles as well as complete all your missions, the game gives you or rather you earn a Zeo Shards. This Zeo Shards can be also generated with Power Rangers Legacy Wars HackĀ used to help you upgrade all your warriors as you keep on moving an extra step into the game. The best thing about this game is that you can be able to form different alliances with your friends and other online players so as to trade resources, chat, watch replays and also share different tactics with them.…